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WACK is SHiT is a single by HOLY SHiTS. It was initially released for free on Mediafire the same day as the group's formation was announced.

6 months after its digital release, WACK is SHiT was released physically in-stores with no prior announcement. The physical release of the single also comes with a towel.

Featured Members


  1. WACK is SHiT

Single Information


  • While the official name of the single is WACK is SHiT, the filename for the free download of the song is "wack is sh*t final"
  • There was no official cover art for the single until its physical release in January 2019.
  • Watanabe namedrops himself in the lyrics. However, in the song notes he is credited as "WACK Iya Otoko" or "Bad man from WACK".
  • The song samples Scatman, making this song possibly the greatest stealth pun in WACK history.
  • The dance routine for the song uses moves from other popular dances, including Exile's Choo Choo Train, Morning Musume's Renai Revolution 21, Pink Lady's UFO, Michael Jackson's Moonwalk and Thriller, J Soul Brothers' R.Y.U.S.E.I and Golden Bomber's Memeshikute. In 2021 the choreography was modified and moves from NiziU's Make You Happy were added.