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2019 Edit

November Edit

  • [2019.11.04] CARRY LOOSE will release their debut single on February 11th, 2020.
  • [2019.11.03] EMPiRE have released a music video for Have it my way.
  • [2019.11.03] The next issue of FUCK and FUCK, themed around YU-Ki EMPiRE, will be released on November 22nd.
  • [2019.11.02] Tentenko will release a joint album, titled Super Mild, with electronic musician, Kopy,. The album will be released worldwide on November 15th.
  • [2019.11.01] Maison book girl will have their own web series on Amazon Prime, Pick Ups! -Maison book girl-. The series will be four episodes long, with new episodes being released weekly from November 27th.
  • [2019.11.01] WAgg is holding auditions for new trainees.

October Edit

September Edit

August Edit

July Edit

June Edit

May Edit

  • [2019.05.31] Peri Ubu will hold a photography exhibition, "Re:nostalgic", from July 16th to 18th.
  • [2019.05.31] PEDRO's first full-length album, THUMB SUCKER, will be released on August 28th.
  • [2019.05.26] WACK Audition winner "Cent Chihiro no Imouto" has made her official stage debut with WAgg, and her stage name revealed as Nayu.
  • [2019.05.23] Tentenko will contribute a song to the compilation album, "Paredo EP".

[2019.05.11] BiS Officially disbands, roundup of the member's futures:

  • [2019/05/01] Can GP Maika will feature on GHOST ORACLE DRIVE's insert song, "Fly High", for the GOD EATER pachinko game.

April Edit

  • [2019/04/21] Moe has joined the idol group Re:LAYz as a support member.
  • [2019/04/18] Aina The End will perform the ending song for the "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Zen'ya Akai Suisei" anime.
  • [2019/04/03] GANG PARADE will provide the theme song, "Hontouni Boku ga Ikitakatta no wa Konnan ja mu e!", as well as three additional insert songs, for the Magicami PC game.

[2019/03/30] WACK EXHiBiTiON ROUNDUP Edit

  • BiS will disband for a second time on May 11th. They will reboot again later this year with a completely new lineup.
  • Naruhaworld has been promoted to GANG PARADE
  • "Terayama Yufu" will debut in EMPiRE
  • "Cent Chihiro no Imouto" will join WAgg
  • PEDRO has been signed to EMI Records, and will release a new album in the summer.
  • Anzupia, due to ranking the lowest of all participating members in the audition, will change her name to "A Anzupia" as punishment.

March Edit

  • [2019/03/23] EMPiRE will release a new single in July. The single implies a change in sound and image.
  • [2019/03/04] CY8ER will release a new single, Time Trip, on March 26th.
  • [2019/03/04] Following EMPiRE's 24 hour party, BiS will hold a 69 hour party from the 18th to 22nd March.

February Edit

  • [2019/02/19] The upcoming BiS single Are you ready? will be used as the ending theme for the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS!!!! anime.
  • [2019/02/07] Aina The End will feature on the DISH song "SING-A-LONG", from their new album, "Junkfood Junction".

January Edit

  • [2019/01/29] YUKA EMPiRE will graduate from EMPiRE and WACK at EMPiRE's 24 hour live on March 4th.
  • [2019/01/23] BILLIE IDLE®︎'s new single, Soshite, Mata.., has received a pre-release on most digital platforms. It will receive a general release on February 6th.
  • [2019/01/19] Moe and Asaka will graduate from Wagamama Kiite?? in March. Asaka will graduate at her birthday event on the 6th, with Moe graduating 10 days later.
  • [2019/01/15] BiSH will feature on a Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra tribute album, covering "Kanaria Naku Sora"
  • [2019/01/12] Pierce will receive a limited pre-release on iTunes tomorrow at 12am JST.
  • [2019/01/10] GANG PARADE will release their first major single on April 17th, under Warner Music Japan.
  • [2019/01/09] A WACK-wide photobook, IDOL, will be released on February 13th.
  • [2019/01/08] BiSH will release a new digital single, Futarinara, on January 30th. The lyrics were written by Aina The End and it will be the opening theme for the anime "3D Kanojo Real Girl".
  • [2019/01/01] Nel Nehru has withdrawn from BiS, citing physical and mental exhaustion.

2018 Edit

December Edit

  • [2018/12/29] The BiS.LEAGUE system has been announced to end, and a single with all 10 members of BiS will be released in March. However, due to poor BiS.LEAGUE rankings, Toriaez Hana, Muropanako, YUiNA EMPiRE, Aya Eightprince and Nel Nehru have been designated to be removed from BiS. A descicion regarding their future will be made after the release of the March single.
  • [2018/12/18] BiS will run a 100km relay marathon tomorrow.
  • [2018/12/18] BiSH have won Best Newcomer at the Japan Record Awards.
  • [2018/12/11] EMPiRE's debut single, Pierce, will be the next ending theme to the anime Fairy Tail, and will be released on January 13th.

November Edit

  • [2018/11/30] Further details on EMPiRE's debut single, Pierce, have been released.
  • [2018/11/18] Yuuki has won a Miss iD award for "Fabulous Existence of questioning gender roles"
  • [2018/11/15] BiSH have been nominated for "Best Newcomer" in the Japan Record Awards.
  • [2018/11/13] WACK's first joint tour, "Going Going WACK" tour, has been announced. There will be a total of 23 stages in 17 cities with the tour finale being held on March 17th.
  • [2018/11/12] BiSH will feature on the "Fist of the North Star 35th Anniversary Album "Lore"", released on January 16th, 2019.
  • [2018/11/12] The voting for the November-December BiS.LEAGUE election has officially begun.
  • [2018/11/10] EMPiRE will release their debut single in February.
  • [2018/11/08] The music video for Stereo future has been posted on YouTube. In addition, the title track has been released early on iTunes.
  • [2018/11/07] Against The Pain has had an early digital release starting today.

October Edit

  • [2018/10/26] Aina The End will release another solo song on the 29th.
  • [2018/10/12] The Nakayama Yukiko-produced idol group has revealed its lineup and name, Kimi no Mawari. They will hold a free debut live in Shibuya on November 2nd.
  • [2018/10/01] AiNA THE END to provide guest vocals on the track "2 FACE" on the upcoming MY FIRST STORY album, "S.S.S".

September Edit

  • [2018/09/18] AYUNi D has launched a solo project under Avex called "PEDRO". Her debut album, zoozoosea, has already been released in record stores guerilla-style. Avex have posted a music video for Jiritsu Shinkei Debarinaka.

August Edit

  • [2018/08/29] BiSH will release a new single this Winter.
  • [2018/08/27] Former WACK Audition Boot Camp Finalist Yuuki features in HAMIDASYSTEM's music video for Invisible Movie.
  • [2018/08/26] EMPiRE have released a music video for S.O.S. In addition, EMPiRE Originals has been released on Japanese iTunes ahead of its general release.
  • [2018/08/14] The first generation of WAgg has been announced. They will hold their debut live in September.
  • [2018/08/09] CY8ER release music video for Kataomoi Wazurai.

July Edit

  • [2018/07/27] Former SiS member Bug Me is taking part in Miss iD 2019.

Earlier Edit

  • [2018/06/26] BiSH unexpectedly drops a CD and music video for NON TiE-UP.
  • [2018/05/29] Hello! You've reached the beginning of the WACKi! For more WACK news, please look at our various articles!
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