2018 Results

The WACK General Election (WACK総選挙, WACK Sousenkyo) was an all-group event that took place between November and December 2017. It was initially announced on November 13th, and the voting period took place from December 6th to 30th.

Inspired by AKB48's regular Sousenkyos, fans who purchased a copy of WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS could vote for their favourite WACK idol.

The two idols who received the most votes would be chosen to release a solo single the following year.

The winners of the audition were BiSH members Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Aina The End. Additionally, Yui Ga Dockson, who ranked 16th, was given an indie solo debut as a booby prize.

Ranking[edit | edit source]

  1. Cent Chihiro Chittiii (Winner)
  2. Aina The End (Winner)
  3. Ayuni D
  4. Pour Lui
  5. Yamamachi Miki
  6. Aya Eightprince
  7. Momoko Gumi Company
  8. Yumeno Yua
  9. Kika Front Frontale
  10. Kamiya Saki
  11. Coco Partin Coco
  12. Can Maika
  13. Peri Ubu
  14. Terashima Yuka
  15. Hashiyasume Atsuko

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The entire top 3 was filled by BiSH members.
  • The success of the election would serve as inspiration for the BiS.LEAGUE system, which launched in 2018.
  • Lingling was the only member of BiSH not to rank in the top 15.
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