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The fourth annual WACK Audition camp will take place from March 22nd to 28th, 2020. The audition was first announced at WACK Koshien on January 3rd 2020, and applications opened the same day.

Cent Chihiro Chittiii, MiDORiKO EMPiRE, Tsukino Usagi, Uruu Ru, Chantmonkee and Nao Of Nao were initially announced to participate in the audition camp as mentors. However, on March 20th, it was announced that Chantmonkee had been replaced by Toggy, and Yui Ga Dockson had also decided to temporarily participate as a mentor.

Like the previous year, all members of WAgg have been invited to participate in the camp as competitors. Among those, A Anzupia, Sayaito, Utauuta, Kira May and Ainastar decided to take part.

Due to ongoing government measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the traditional closing WACK EXHiBiTiON ceremony was canceled on March 13th. Despite this, the audition camp will continue, with a proposed change in venue from its usual location of Iki Island. With the WACK Exhibition cancelled, there has presently been no word on alternative ways that the audition winners will be announced.


Audition Name Status
Airoko Kampire.jpg
Airoko Campire (アオイロコ・カンパイア) TBA
Waki Waki ​​Wacky.jpg
Waki Waki ​​Wakki (ワキワキワッキー) TBA
Aino Re Start.jpg
Aino Re Start (アイノ・リ・スタート) TBA
Terayama Yuka.jpg
Terayama Yuuka (テラヤマユウカ) TBA
Fushoji Megumi.jpg
Fushouji Megumi (フショージ・メグミ) TBA
Gamiya Saki2.jpg
Gamiya Saki (ガミヤサキ) TBA
Impossible Maika.jpg
Impossible Maika (インポッシブル・マイカ) TBA
Eels From Mars.jpg
Kasei Kara Unagi (火星からウナギ) TBA
Toto Party Toto.jpg
Toto Partin Toto (トト・パーティン・トト) TBA
Par Lui.jpg
Paa Lui (パー・ルイ) TBA
Fan Fan.jpg
Fan Fan (ファンファン) TBA
Shio Forest.jpg
Shio Forest (シオ・フォレスト) TBA
Sex Summer Uika.jpg
Sex Summer Uika (セックスサマーウイカ) TBA
Monster Idol.jpg
Monster Idol (モンスターアイドル) TBA
Kato Musen City Department.jpg
Katou Musensiteebu (カトー・ムセンシティ部) TBA
Jiggy (ジギー) Resigned on

Day 2

Apple Gummy inc.jpg
Ringo Gumi inc (リンゴグミinc) Eliminated on

Day 2

Panko Luna Leafy.jpg
Panko Luna Leafy (パンコ・ルナ・リーフィ) Eliminated on

Day 2

WAgg Trainees Participating

Audition Name Status
Utauuta Audition 2020.jpg
Utauuta TBA
A Anzupia Audition 2020.jpg
A Anzupia TBA
Sayaito Audition 2020.jpg
Sayaito TBA
Aina Star Audition 2020.jpg
Ainastar TBA
Kira May Audition 2020.jpg
Kira May TBA

Day 1

The first day started with a singing examination. They were appointed to sing BiS' STUPiD. Midway through the examination the song was changed to BiSH's Orchestra.

The ranking of their singing abilities were as follows:

  1. Katou Musensiteebu
  2. Kira Mei
  3. Sayaito
  4. Anzupia
  5. Toto Partin Toto
  6. Ainastar
  7. Fan Fan
  8. Kasei Kara Unagi
  9. Utauuta
  10. Fushouji Megumi
  11. Monster Idol
  12. Aino Re Start
  13. Aoiroko Campire
  14. Terayama Yuuka
  15. Shio Forest
  16. Impossible Maika
  17. Jiggy
  18. Waki Waki Wakki
  19. Sex Summer Uika
  20. Ringo Gumi Inc
  21. Gamiya Saki
  22. Paa Lui
  23. Panko Luna Leafy

Due to ranking the lowest, Panko Luna Leafy was eliminated. However, she was allowed to stay and take part in the audition until the end of the day.

After the singing examination, they were split into four teams and instructed to practice their performance of STUPiD.

Team 1:

  • Aoiroko Campire
  • Terayama Yuuka
  • Fushouji Megumi
  • Waki Waki Wakki
  • Impossible Maika
  • Paa Lui

Team 2:

  • Gamiya Saki
  • Katou Musensiteebu
  • Toto Partin Toto
  • Sex Summer Uika
  • Aino Re Start
  • Panko Luna Leafy

Team 3:

  • Monster Idol
  • Shio Forest
  • Jiggy
  • Kasei Kara Unagi
  • Ringo Gumi Inc
  • Fan Fan

Team Wagg:

  • A Anzupia
  • Utauuta
  • Sayaito
  • Kira Mei
  • Ainastar

The teams were ranked like this:

  1. Team 1
  2. Team Wagg
  3. Team 3
  4. Team 2

At the end of the day, after all the points were calculated, the final ranking was as follows:

  1. Toto Partin Toto
  2. A Anzupia
  3. Sayaito
  4. Sex Summer Uika
  5. Utauuta
  6. Kira Mei
  7. Panko Luna Leafy
  8. Aoiroko Campire
  9. Katou Musensiteebu
  10. Fushouji Megumi
  11. Terayama Yuuka
  12. Impossible Maika
  13. Waki Waki Wakki
  14. Shio Forest
  15. Ainastar
  16. Monster Idol
  17. Paa Lui
  18. Kasei Kara Unagi
  19. Fan Fan
  20. Jiggy
  21. Aino Re Start
  22. Gamiya Saki
  23. Ringo Gumi Inc

Soon after, it was announced that Panko Luna Leafy, Ringo Gumi Inc and Gamiya Saki were eliminated from the audition camp. However, they were given a chance for redemption. Whoever wins at the game of Daifugo that would take place the following morning is allowed to stay.

Day 2

At the crack of dawn, the eliminated auditionees were given the chance to get back in the competition. Gamiya Saki won and was allowed to return.

The marathon took place shortly after with Aoiroko Campire coming in first place with Aino Re Start coming last and being eliminated. Not long after, Watanabe tweeted that, due to abdominal pain, Jiggy wouldn't be able to continue participating in the training camp and that it was decided she would drop out.

After breakfast the teams that were established the previous day continued practicing their performances of STUPiD. This time, they were ranked like:

  1. Team Wagg
  2. Team 1
  3. Team 2
  4. Team 3

Their next task was to prepare another performance of STUPiD, but this time they also had to create their original choreography for the song. They were split in five teams:

Team SEX :

  • Aoiroko Campire
  • Sex Sumer Uika
  • Toto Bartin Toto
  • Ainastar

Team FUCK :

  • Terayama Yuuka
  • Gamiya Saki
  • Paa Lui
  • Kira May

Team BiTCH :

  • Impossible Maika
  • Shio Forest
  • Waki Waki Wakki
  • Anzupia

Team UNCHi :

  • Kasei Kara Unagi
  • Fushouji Megumi
  • Aino Re Start
  • Sayaito

Team OSHiKKO :

  • Utauuta
  • Fan Fan
  • Katou Musensiteebu
  • Monster Idol

The teams were ranked as follows:

  1. Team FUCK
  2. Team UNCHi
  3. Team OSHiKKO
  4. Team SEX
  5. Team BiTCH

At evening, after the audience voted, the final rankings for the day were announced:

  1. Toto Bartin Toto
  2. Kira May
  3. A Anzupia
  4. Sex Summer Uika
  5. Sayaito
  6. Terayama Yuuka
  7. Utauuta
  8. Impossible Maika
  9. Fushouji Megumi
  10. Waki Waki Wakki
  11. Aoiroko Campire
  12. Paa Lui
  13. Ainastar
  14. Monster Idol
  15. Shio Forest
  16. Katou Musensiteebu
  17. Gamiya Saki
  18. Kasei Kara Unagi
  19. Fan Fan
  20. Aino Re Start

It was also announced that alongside Aino Re Start, who finished the marathon last and Fan Fan, who couldn't finish her rice with death sauce, Fushouji Megumi and Monster Idol would also be eliminated. However, Watanabe decided to give them a grace period of one day, which means they could spend the whole next day practicing before being sent home.

After that, Watanabe announced that the new task for the following day would be to practice BiSH's Orchestra and create an original choreography for it. Since the WACK mentors were due to arrive the next day, new teams for the task were formed:

Team Uruu Ru:

  1. Uruu Ru
  2. Terayama Yuuka
  3. Sex Summer Uika
  4. Katou Musensiteebu
  5. Utauuta
  6. Sayaito

Team Nao Of Nao & MiDORiKO EMPiRE:

  1. Nao Of Nao
  3. Paa Lui
  4. Waki Waki Wakki
  5. Monster Idol
  6. Kira May

Team Toggy & Tsukino Usagi:

  1. Toggy
  2. Tsukino Usagi
  3. Impossible Maika
  4. Toto Partin Toto
  5. Gamiya Saki
  6. A Anzupia

Team Yui Ga Dockson:

  1. Yui Ga Dockson
  2. Shio Forest
  3. Fan Fan
  4. Ainastar

Team Cent Chihiro Chitti:

  1. Cent Chihiro Chitti
  2. Kasei Kara Unagi
  3. Aoiroko Campire
  4. Aino Re Start
  5. Fushouji Megumi

Day 3

The day began with yet another marathon. Right before the participants started running, Watanabe announced that whoever finished the marathon at the second place would be spared from eliminations that day.

The girls completed the marathon in this order:

  1. Gamiya Saki
  2. Monster Idol
  3. Paa Lui
  4. A Anzupia
  5. Shio Forest
  6. Sex Summer Uika
  7. Impossible Maika
  8. Kira May
  9. Waki Waki Wakki
  10. Kasei Kara Unagi
  11. Fushouji Megumi
  12. Terayama Yuuka
  13. Utauuta
  14. Katou Musensiteebu
  15. Ainastar
  16. Fan Fan
  17. Toto Partin Toto
  18. Aoiroko Campire
  19. Aino Re Start
  20. Sayaito

Because she was second place in the marathon, Monster Idol got immunity for the day, which meant her elimination from the previous day was also cancelled.

The WACK mentors arrived at the training camp around noon, right in time for the examination of the Orchestra original choreography performances. Dissatisfied with the performances, Watanabe appointed all teams to practice BiSH's orchestra with their mentors, this time with the regular choreography. He said that the team which gets last place would be eliminated from the audition. It was also announced that whichever WACK mentor gets the most points at the end of the boot camp will get the chance for their group to have an international debut.

The teams ended up being ranked like this:

  1. Team Cent Chihiro Chitti
  2. Team Toggy & Tsukino Usagi
  3. Team Nao Of Nao & MiDORiKO EMPiRE
  4. Team Yui Ga Dockson
  5. Team Uruu Ru

After dinner, they all had to take a general knowledge test.

The ranking at the end of the day:

  1. Terayama Yuuka
  2. Saayaito
  3. Toto Partin Toto
  4. Utauuta
  5. A Anzupia
  6. Kira May
  7. Sex Summer Uika
  8. Fushouji Megumi
  9. Monster Idol
  10. Waki Waki Wakki
  11. Ainastar
  12. Aoiroko Campire
  13. Gamiya Saki
  14. Aino Re Start
  15. Fan Fan
  16. Paa Lui
  17. Shio Forest
  18. Katou Musensiteebu
  19. Kasei Kara Unagi

WACK member ranking:

  1. Cent Chihiro Chitti
  2. Yui Ga Dockson
  3. Uruu Ru
  4. Tsukino Usagi
  6. Toggy
  7. Nao Of Nao

After the final points for the day ware announced, Watanabe announced that there are three more eliminations alongside the three ones from yesterday who got a grace period of one day and the losing team at the today's dance practice examination. The eliminated participants were Ainastar, Paa Lui, Gamiya Saki, Aino Re Start, Fan Fan, Fushouji Megumi, Terayama Yuuka, Sex Summer Uika, Katou Musensiteebu, Utauuta and Sayaito respectively. However, they were given a chance for redemption. Whoever does the most squats to BiS' thousand crickets the following morning would be allowed to stay at the audition.

Next, Watanabe created new teams and gave each team the freedom to pick which song they want to perform. The teams and songs picked were as follows:

  • Cent Chihiro Chitti and Toto Partin Toto: Performing EMPiRE is COMiNG by EMPiRE
  • Yui Ga Dockson and Shio Forest : Performing STUPiD by BiS
  • MiDORiKO EMPiRE and Aoiroko Campire : Performing GANG PARADE by GANG PARADE
  • Tsukino Usagi and Kasei Kara Unagi: Performing Ningen by CARRY LOOSE
  • Toggy and Impossible Maika: Performing Ningen by CARRY LOOSE
  • Nao Of Nao and Monster Idol: Performing EMPiRE is COMiNG by EMPiRE
  • Kira May, Anzupia and Waki Waki Wakki: Performing Plastic2Mercy by GANG PARADE
  • Uruu Ru and whoever ended up the winner of the squat challenge: Performing STUPiD by BiS

Day 4

They did a thing

Day 5

They did a thing

Day 6

They did a thing

Day 7 / WACK EXHiBiTiON 2020

They did a thing



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