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this is not a business

Tengu Band (天狗バンド)

Years Active






Associated Acts

beat mints boyz

Former Members

Kato Kouban
Hitoda Unzen
Kisu Richa
Jinshi Mozu
Jou Nima
Shadou Sumi

this is not a business was a former group under WACK, and the first to be signed to the company alongside pla2me. Unlike other WACK units, they were an all-male rock band.

They were also known as "Tengu Band" (天狗バンド) due to every member's face being obscured by tengu masks.

Past Members


this is not a business were formed in 2013. In August, they released their debut album, 10 goods.

In 2014, this is not a business released two albums, WELCOME TO THE TENGU WORLD, and DEATH MARCH. In July, they, alongside pla2me, were the first artists to be signed to their manager, Watanabe Junnosuke's newly-formed music production company, WACK.

In January 2015, this is not a business signed with the major label, Nippon Crown. In a signing ceremony outside Yokohama Arena, members signed the contract using their noses. During this time, Shadou Sumi took a break from the band due to a hernia and began working as a staff member for Nippon Crown instead.

Kato Kouban left the band in July, and auditions for a new vocalist was held. The following day, Watanabe appeared on stage and announced that he was the "first-generation Kato Kouban" and took over as the band's vocalist. In September of 2015, a new vocalist, described as the "third-generation Kato Kouban" made his debut.

On November 24th, 2015, this is not a business suddenly announced that they were disbanding. One of the reasons given was "we are not a business, but I want to do business things". Afterward, WACK became a company that produced exclusively female idols.




  • Was the first all-male group to ever exist within WACK. The only other unit of its kind is Beat mints boyz.