The end
the End
Years Active

2015-2017 (hiatus)



Associated Acts

BiS, Morphine Tokyo, Kimi no Mawari.


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Nakayama Yukiko
Senoru Yamano
Takada Yuichi

The End was a Japanese band fronted by ex-BiS member Nakayama Yukiko.

History Edit

The End was formed shortly after the disbandment of Morphine Tokyo. Former members Nakayama Yukiko, Senoru Yamano and Takada Yuuichi migrated to the group following the disbandment announcement, with miifuu joining as the band's only unique member.

From 2015, the End began uploading music videos onto YouTube. Their first digital single, CLAP, was released on January 31st, 2016, after which they began releasing more digital singles on a monthly basis until November.

The End's first album, Re: End, was scheduled to be released on December 7th, 2017. However, when Nakayama Yukiko became pregnant, the album's release was canceled and the End suddenly went on hiatus. While the End has not reformed since Nakayama and miifuu would continue to work together until 2019, as producers for Kimi no Mawari.

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