Infobox Album

Album by {{{group}}}

Template Usage

This is the infobox template for albums. When the albums has no previous or next release, fill it with something like - or TBA. You can always override the color to the group's color (refer to the color scheme here). The first color code (bg1-color) is for background and the second is for text (bg-2color). The formats are as follows::

{{Template:Infobox Album #ACE1AF #0047AB
|image                = [[Image:Album_Name_Cover.png|200px]]
|name                 = Battle and Romance|bg1-color = #ACE1AF|bg2-color = #0047AB
|group                =
|jpnname              =
|release              = 
|format               = 
|genre                = 
|label                = 
|singles              =
|catalogue            = 
|previous             = 
|next                 = 

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