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sui sui
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Sharaku Yuuki
Nakiri Aki
Nekoto Ayana
Tsukimi Aoi
Amari Kazune (007)

Former Members

Komichi Anna
Takao Mio

Sui sui are an Osaka-based idol group formed in 2019.

Former second-generation BiS member, Gamiya Saki, joined the group in 2021 under the name Sharaku Yuuki.

Each member has a number assigned to them.

Current Members[edit | edit source]

  • Nakiri Aki (001)
  • Nekoto Ayana (005)
  • Sharaku Yuuki (006) (Joined March 2021)
  • Tsukimi Aoi (007) (Joined March 2021)
  • Amari Kazune (007) (Joined March 2021)

Former Members[edit | edit source]

  • "Candidate 002" (Left March 2019)
  • Komichi Anna (003) (Left July 2020)
  • Takao Mio (004) (Left July 2020)

Biography[edit | edit source]

2019[edit | edit source]

Sui sui's formation was announced on February 16th, 2019, following an audition that took place in December the following year. The name of the group and its founding members were disclosed at first, with the members only being referred to as "Candidate 001", "Candidate 002", "Candidate 003", "Candidate 004" and "Candidate 005", and the group itself known as "S.U.I SOUND WORKS".

On February 27, the group's name was revealed as "sui sui".

On March 15th, Candidate 002 withdrew from sui sui without revealing her identity. The remaining members were eventually revealed on March 31st as Nakiri Aki, Komichi Anna, Takao Miko and Nekoto Ayana.

Sui sui released a self-titled digital single on June 17th.

2020[edit | edit source]

Sui sui's second digital single, Kimitachi (2020 Ver), was released on March 7th. It was followed by Kono Mama on May 16th.

Komichi Anna and Takao Miko left sui sui on July 17th.

2021[edit | edit source]

Sui sui released their only single as a two-piece unit, Myway, on February 7th.

On March 1st, sui sui announced three new members: Sharaku Yuuki, Tsukimi Aoi and Amari Kazune. Following the first performance by the new members, the group announced that they would release three monthly consecutive digital singles, starting with Kanjou Kaihou Sensen on March 13th.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Digital Singles[edit | edit source]

  • [2019.06.17] sui sui
  • [2020.03.07] Kimitachi (2020 Ver) (キミタチ (2020 Ver))
  • [2020.05.16] Konomama (このまま)
  • [2021.02.07] Myway
  • [2021.03.13] Kanjou Kaihou Sensen
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