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simpαtix (シンパティクシュ, pronounced "sympathetics"), formerly known as simpatix, was a self-produced idol duo formed in September 2019. Ex-BiS member Terashima Yufu makes up one half of the unit. They are currently inactive.


Former Members

  • Yubeshi Mico (柚餅子みこ) (Founding member, left November 10th, 2019)
  • Canon (可恩) (Founding member, graduated March 23rd, 2020)


Simpatix was formed in September 2019, originally consisting of former Momoiro Clover and SKE48 member Tsukina Takai , soloist Yubeshi Mico, and former Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 member-turned Dreamy Melts vocalist Canon as a part-time member. They held their debut live on October 22. While she wasn't yet a member, Terashima Yufu performed at their debut live and in turn, invited them to perform at her own event two months later, Terashima Kawaii Festival.

Yubeshi Mico suddenly withdrew from simpatix on November 10. On March 23, 2020, Canon's part-time contract with the simpatix ended and she consequently graduated to focus her attention on Dreamy Melts full-time.

On April 3, 2020, it was announced that simpatix had changed the spelling of their name to simpαtix, and that Terashima Yufu would become a joint member and producer.

Simpαtix's debut single, Itai Amai Kiss / Suki, Ima Aitai was released on May 27. That same day, they released a music video for a new song, "Virtual Love Story", which was filmed while both members were in isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Simpαtix became inactive after September 2020, though there was no official notice about their hiatus or disbandment.