Sakurai Kenta



November 10th, 1983 (Age 36)

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Izukoneko, maison book girl

Sakurai Kenta (サクライケンタ) is a Japanese musician and director of ekoms inc. He is known for producing Izukoneko and Maison book girl.

Biography Edit

Sakurai had been composing instrumental music since the age of 20. In 2007, he began working with idols for the first time, when he began writing songs for Mary Angel and SKETCH.

In 2011, Sakurai met Izumi Mari and began producing her solo "Izukoneko" solo career. However, conflicts between the two brought the end of their partnership to a sudden close in 2014. Afterward, he formed the group Maison book girl with ex-BiS member Koshouji Megumi and composed instrumental music for her live poetry readings.

Personal Life Edit

Suffers from chronic depression, and attempted suicide in early 2014.

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