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SPiCE TRAVELERS is a Japanese band formed in 2021. The members consist of hosts and guests from a television series of the same name, with the members also being active in other groups.



In late October 2019, the television series "Spice Traveler" (スパイストラベラー) began airing monthly on Fuji TV. The show was hosted by Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Sakurai Makoto (of the band, DRAGON ASH). The pair, often with a celebrity guest, would visit curry restaurants across Japan to learn how to make various types of curry from top chefs.

On July 29th, 2021, it was announced that a new band, SPiCE TRAVELERS, had been formed, with the two hosts alongside a selection of the programme's past guests. The complete line-up of the band consisted of Chittiii, Sakurai, Matsukuma Kenta, Kurosawa Kaoru (of the band, GOSPELLERS) and Takada Yuuichi (ELLEGARDEN, MAYKIDZ).

SPiCE TRAVELERS' first music video, "Oishii Hibi", was released on October 21st.

After several appearances on the TV show, SPiCE TRAVELERS finally performed as a band at Masala Festival in April 2022. Kaoru will be unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, though they reassured fans that they would send him the curry from the festival.


  • [2021.10.21] Oishii Hibi (美味しい日々; Tasty Days)

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