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Aina The End

SEXFRiEND was a one-off unit made up of BiSH member Aina The End and MOROHA member UK, to perform the song "Bacteria" on the album "hide 20th Memorial Project", a compilation cover album commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of famous X Japan musician hide.

Bacteria /SEXFRiEND アイナ·ジ·エンド(BiSH)✣UK(MOROHA)MAD OPV

Bacteria /SEXFRiEND アイナ·ジ·エンド(BiSH)✣UK(MOROHA)MAD OPV

Bacteria music video

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Discography Edit

  • [2018.06.06] hide TRIBUTE IMPULSE (Track #9, "Bacteria")

Trivia Edit

  • Photos of Aina and UK were published in the tabloid Shukan Bunshun in February 2019, suggesting that the two were in a relationship. A day later, Aina responded by tweeting the music video for Bacteria with the caption "Thanks for yesterday. We're SEXFRiEND".
  • "Sexfriend" is a Japanese slang term for friends or acquaintances who engage in casual sex (similar to "friends with benefits" or "fuck buddy" in English). Given the later reports from Bunshun, it's possible that this unit was named "SEXFRiEND" as a reference to Aina and UK's apparent romance.
  • UK is not that other UK.
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