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BiSH による SCHOOL OF WACK 体験レポートムービー公開!

BiSH present a video tour of the exhibition

SCHOOL OF WACK is a touring exhibition based around artists under WACK. The exhibition will be held at various PARCO department stores across five different cities from August 21st, 2020, to February 23rd, 2021.

As the name suggests, SCHOOL OF WACK featured members of WACK in a school-inspired setting and wearing school uniforms. Every hour, a different member of WACK would perform as part of the exhibition. The first day of the event was livestreamed.

In addition to appearances by WACK members, exclusive merchandise will also be sold at the event.

Dates[edit | edit source]

  • 2020.08.21 - 2020.08.31: PARCO TOKYO
  • 2020.09.12 - 2020.09.28: PARCO SAPPORO
  • 2020.10.03 - 2020.10.18: PARCO NAGOYA
  • 2020.10.23 - 2020.11.08: PARCO FUKUOKA
  • 2020.12.12 - 2020.12.27: PARCO OSAKA
  • 2021.02.05 - 2020.02.23: PARCO SENDAI

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