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Re: End
Album by the End
Release Date

December 7th, 2017




J-Pop, Rock

Re: End was the End's cancelled debut album. It's planned release date was on December 12th, 2017.

Unlike standard album releases, Re: End was going to be released on USB sticks sold exclusively at their December 12 Shibuya Milkyway oneman live. However, when Nakayama Yukiko became pregnant, the End suddenly went on indefinite hiatus and all of their upcoming events were cancelled, causing Re: End to never be released.

Despite the album's cancellation, all of Re: End can still be listened to legally, as each track had been previously released as a digital single on the music service OTOTOY.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Tokyo Night (originally released as Morphine Tokyo)
  2. CLAP
  3. Tanmatsu Sensou
  4. The End
  5. Good bye again
  6. Dungeon
  7. LIAR
  8. Adventure
  9. Mosaic
  10. HiGH BUZZ
  11. i know...
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