Quick Japan Zoukan WACK na Hon
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クイック・ジャパン増刊 WACKな本

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October 20th, 2018


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Oota Shuppan

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Quick Japan Zoukan WACK na Hon (クイック・ジャパン増刊 WACKな本; Quick Japan's Special Issue WACK Book) is a book released on October 20th, 2018. It contains interviews and photography of WACK members and staff.

To mark this special edition of Quick Japan, BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE and EMPiRE took part in the first "WACK Competitive Sports Test".

In addition to the four core groups, the book also features interviews with WAgg, WACK staff and Watanabe Junnosuke.

A special edition limited to 1500 copies was made available to pre-order on Amazon. This limited edition came with photo postcards, a T-shirt and a randomly-selected autograph from a WACK member.

Contents Edit

BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE and EMPiRE all belong to WACK, totaling in 31 members! The decisive battle of honour to determine rewards and prizes!

2018 saw BiSH, growing with rapid momentum, immediately sell out Yokohama Area, at its full capacity of 1.2 million. 

After hold events like the ‘Apologise First’ campaign that featured adverts across the SHIBUYA109 building, and releasing one-day albums costing a mere 300 yen, WACK set out a plan to hold an epic battle in a magazine to confirm their charms and continue to rise to the top of the idol world. 

We decided on rewards as we put these groups through their paces, judging them on physical strength, lyric writing, music composing, and, costuming. GANG PARADE, BiS, and EMPiRE all aim to further the game, but what will their results be after facing the very group that’s propelling WACK’s success, BiSH…!

This issue will not just contain interviews with all the members, of course, it will also feature interviews with WAgg, the training group that debuted this September, all label staff, WACK representative director Watanabe Junnosuke, among others. There will also be interviews will WACK staff members who have helped them reach to this point of success.


Mug Shot of 31 Prisoners

Photoshoot = Ono Tsutomu

WACK Decisive Battle!!! Edit

◆Showdown 1: Strength Edit

WACK Competitive Sports Test 2018

Who is the Queen of Strength!?

◆Showdown 2: Lyrics Edit

Update a representative song!

WACK Song Parody Championship

◆Showdown 3: Music Composing Edit

Sound producer Matsukuma Kenta - Complete commentary

Top 10 best songs

◆Showdown 4: Costume Edit

Costume designer Sotobayashi Kenta - Thorough explanation

WACK top 10 best costumes


◆BiSH interviews Edit

Self-reliance of 6 Individual Ways  

◆GANG PARADE interviews Edit

The Struggles Gave Birth To A Sense of Unity

◆BiS interviews Edit

The Daily Battle

◆EMPiRE interviews Edit

Is This The Royal Road The Empire Walks?

◆WAgg interviews Edit

What is Idol Training Project WAgg?

◆Label Staff Talk WACK Edit

◆WACK CEO Watanabe Junnosuke Edit

[What You Don’t Need] and life changes

◆History of WACK Edit

◆Director’s Round Table Documentary WACK Company History Edit

  • Company Matsuo x Hiroki Iwabuchi x Elizabeth Miyaji

◆Gravure of the Winner Edit

Featured Members Edit

BiS Edit

BiSH Edit



WAgg Edit

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