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Project WACK-Chin (Project WACKちん) is an open audition for a new WACK unit. Applications opened on June 1st, 2020, and will end whenever Japan's coronavirus restrictions are lifted. The audition is open to anybody of any gender and any nationality, provided they are over the age of 13 and can get a work visa if they live outside of Japan.

To participate in the audition, applicants must create a new account on twitter, with the audition's logo as its avatar, and tweet using the hashtags #ProjectWACKちん and #WACKちん応募.

The name is a pun on both "vaccine" and a Japanese word for dick (chin), which Watanabe is fond of.

Translation* of Official Announcement

*Machine translation, some errors may be present

Project WACK-Chin

-An idol audition that can only be passed after corona-

I'm Watanabe, WACK's representative.

We will be holding the largest open, worldwide, real-time audition in WACK history!!

The requirements are pretty low!

Men and women over the age of 13!! That's almost it, pretty much!!

In the midst of the coronavirus peril, social distancing and self-restraint from going out, we shouldn't gather, and we shouldn't be around people. You can't do live events...

This is a world where you can't even say what you want to.

It's very difficult to start activities at the moment...

There's nothing to do...

I want to be active, but I have to be able to survive if I don't have enough money to support myself. But... I can't wait for the corona to converge...

It's a gift for you.

The story of a new idol group that will gather and be formed in __ amount of days.

It's an idol audition that can only be passed after corona!

First, just create a twitter and post your sentences!

Oh, that's so easy!

Please feel free to apply!


On June 8th, Watanabe announced that the second phase of the audition process was to take place; each week, additional increasingly-strict rules named CHALLENchin (CHALLENちん) would be placed among those who applied for the audition. The word "CHALLENchin" is a pun on "Challenging".

First Round

  • CHALLENchin 2 (June 8th): Selfies are allowed, as long as a face mask is worn.
  • CHALLENchin 3 (June 15th): Selfies without a mask are allowed.
  • CHALLENchin 4 (June 22nd): Applicants must create a self-promotional video. From this point onwards, all twitter activity apart from the the video and future Challenchins are banned, including personal non-audition accounts. Accounts posting sexually explicit content will be disqualified on the spot.

Second Round

Watanabe announced in a that, following the initial screening, all applicants who completed every CHALLENChin so far had passed the first round. As part of the second round, participants were required to fill in a submission form posted to WACK's website, as well as to continue with the CHALLENchin.

  • CHALLENchin 5 (July 1st): Watanabe will post videos on twitter with questions for applicants. All applicants must respond with their own videos of themselves answering the aforementioned questions. The question designated for CHALLENchin 5 was "Why WACK?".
  • CHALLENchin 6 (July 6th): The following question was: "Tell us another reason in regard to the previous question"
  • CHALLENchin 7 (July 10th): The applicants were told to do a comedy act using tissues as a prop.
  • CHALLENchin 8 (July 18th): The applicants were prompted to make a video in which they badmouth BiS.

On July 24th, the 9th CHALLENchin, as well as the official WACK-chin website were announced. Using the website, the fans were prompted to vote for their favorite contestants, one vote per day per contestant. The top 50 applicants with the most votes will be able to pass to the next phase of the audition. However, the rules state that at least 10 people of each gender have to pass, even if they don't end up being in the general top 50.

Throughout the entire mass voting stage, Impossible Maika from the 2020 Audition Camp was consistently the top voted contestant.

After the vote ended on August 4th, participants who did not make the top 50 were allowed a second chance to pass, and a second week-long vote for 50 additional finalists was opened the same day. During this period, these low-ranking participants were permitted to make one additional campaign tweet.

On August 15th, following the end of the second round of votes, one last popular vote was held for the remaining participants, making a total of 150 people who would progress to the next round.

Third Round

Soon after the second round had ended, it was announced that the third round of the auditions would be in the form of interviews, which were broadcast live on Watanabe's instagram profile, starting from September 2nd to the 28th.

The twelfth CHALLENChin was broadcast live on NicoNico, and consisted of the remaining contestants being split into 30 groups, with each group being interviewed through a video chat. After each group interview, viewers voted for their favourite candidate, with the lower-ranking half of the group being eliminated from the audition. The judging schedule took place from October 1st to 2nd.

Challenchin group chat 2.jpg

Throughout the 12th CHALLENChin period, finalists were permitted to tweet once per week.

After the 12th CHALLENChin ended, Watanabe announced that eliminated participants could receive a "relief package" that could allow them to return to the audition. Participants who wished to return had to submit a short essay with WACK as its theme. On November 3rd, a 10-minute vote was held to select 10 candidates to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 4

The 13th CHALLENChin was announced on November 4th, along with the "theme song" of the WACKChin audition, which was posted to YouTube.

After listening to the song, finalists were asked to write lyrics to the song and submit a recording of themselves singing the song with their own lyrics. From November 23rd, all versions of the WACKChin theme song were posted anonymously to Project WACKChin's YouTube channel, with the 50 videos that receive the most likes on YouTube progressing its participant to the next round.

Stage 5

The 14th CHALLENChin took place on NicoNico. The remaining participants went head to head in a "Self-PR Showdown". This was a one-on-one PR showdown with each contestant doing anything to gather the votes of the NicoNico audience. The audience picked their favourite contestant in each round, but this didn't completely determine the final result for each contestant. At the end of all of the results, the contestants with the fewer total of results overall would also proceed to the next round, along with those receiving the highest total of results in their own round.

The 15th CHALLENChin also took place NicoNico. This stage was a one-on-one interview for all remaining contestants with Junnosuke Watanabe. A remaining total of 27 contestants were interviewed during this stage.

A small total of 6 contestants were able to successfully pass this stage. The contestants who passed at this stage are:

  • Ayuno K (アユノ・K)
  • Okome (オコメ)
  • Moshimoshichan (もしもしチャン)
  • Tasks (タスククス)
  • Bisuko (ビスコ)
  • Reb Nineprince (レブ・ナインプリンス)

Of the failing contestants, a small total of 4 contestants were given a free pass to attend the spring WACK Audition Camp. These contestants are:

  • Rikochi F (リコチ・F)
  • Anpanman Pants (アンパンマン・パンツ)
  • Coca Cola (コカ・コーラ)
  • Kotochan (コトチャン)

Following this stage, a WACKChin Trouble Consultation Meeting was announced for the remaining contestants. This was a consultation session with two existing group members of WACK. The consultation meetings took place on NicoNico between February 16th 2021 and March 4th 2021.

Remaining contestants spoke and questioned their troubles to the below WACK members:

  • Bisuko
  1. Toggy
  2. Yui Ga Dockson
  • Ayuno K
  1. Ito Musensiteebu
  • Tasks
  1. Aina the End
  2. Ayuni D
  • Reb Nineprince
  1. Chantmonkee
  2. Yamamachi Miki
  • Okome
  1. Momoko Gumi Company
  • Moshimoshichan
  1. Cent Chihiro Chittiii
  2. Coco Partin Coco

Stage 6

The 16th CHALLENChin was announced on the 16th February 2021. This stage was announced as a further recruitment stage, allowing for 10 new contestants to continue with the WACKChin audition.

For this stage, contestants were to create an account on TikTok following the same guidelines and rules as during the first Twitter account creation process. Any further applicants were to post a video using on one of the below songs as a theme:

  • BiSH - NON TiE-UP
  • BiSH - Karada Ideology (カラダ・イデオロギー)
  • EMPiRE - Have it my way

Applicants had between February 16th 2021 at 0:00 until February 28th at 24:00 to post their submission. The 10 submissions with the highest number of likes, would proceed to the next round.

The following 10 contestants were able to proceed further following this stage:

  • Thousand Reef'Maririn (サウザンドリーフ’まりりん)
  • Doctor Pepper (ドクターペッパー)
  • Hinata Undead (ヒナタ・アンデッド)
  • Dark Calpis (濃いめのカルピス)
  • RiA
  • Misaki (みさき)
  • Dedede D (デデデ・D)
  • Takana (たかな)
  • Nicole Bad End (ニシェル・バッド・エンド)
  • Haku (はく)

Stage 7

On April 4th, the ten candidates who passed the TikTok stage took part in individual interviews on NicoNico. During this stage, the other six WACKchin candidates had to decide among themselves which of the TikTok candidates would pass to the next stage. As Moshimoshichan had already been chosen to debut in GO TO THE BEDS, this was also her final WACKchin participation.

Through gradual elimination, the 10 TikTok contestants had become four.

  • Thousand Reef'Maririn (サウザンドリーフ’まりりん)
  • Doctor Pepper (ドクターペッパー)
  • RiA
  • Dedede D (デデデ・D)

However, Doctor Pepper announced that she would not be moving on, so the final lineup became:

  • Thousand Reef'Maririn (サウザンドリーフ’まりりん)
  • RiA
  • Dedede D (デデデ・D)

Stage 8

The stage 8 challenge was held on May 14th, on NicoNico, in which the remaining 7 candidates were required to discuss a topic chosen by a dice, with one finalist being eliminated. Yui Ga Dockson and NOW EMPiRE were selected as judges. At the end of the stream, Ayuno K was ultimately eliminated from the audition.

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