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Maison book girl

Pick Ups! -Maison book girl- is a web series starring Maison book girl. The series was broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime as part of its "Pick Ups!" series of documentaries that promotes young artists.

The series follows Maison book girl as they record and promote their album, Umitouchunokodomotachi. Each episode contains interviews with each member, with the finale showing the recording of the music video for Umibe Shite.

The first of four episodes was released on November 27th, 2019, with the remaining episodes being released every Wednesday.

Featured Members Edit

Episodes Edit

Episode No. Title
#1 Watashitachi, Maison book girl desu (私たち、Maison book girlです; We are Maison book girl)
#2 "Kodawari" to "Wadakamari"' ("こだわり"と"わだかまり"; "Commitment" and "Ill Feeling")
#3 Sorezore no Jikan (それぞれの時間; Every Time)
#4 Kako to, Mirai to, Genzai to. (過去と、未来と、現在と。; Past, Future, Present.)
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