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PLIC PROCK (プリックロック), formerly PARALLEL and PARALLEL JAPAN, were a Japanese dance and vocal group active from 2013 to 2018. BiSH member Aina The End was a former member of the group.

Former Members

  • Iitani Aina
  • Noguchi Sari (野口沙里)
  • Oguri Asumi (小栗明日美)
  • Takayanagi Kazumi (高柳和美)
  • Yabe Yui (矢部唯)


PARALLEL was formed in August 2013.

Iitani Aina and Takayanagi Kazumi graduated from the group in early 2015, after which the group renamed themselves to PARALLEL JAPAN.

In early 2017, PARALLEL JAPAN changed their name to PLIC PROCK. They released the single "Jinkou Kanjou" in July. Oguri Asumi graduated in December 2017.

PLIC PROCK disbanded in the Summer of 2018.


  • [2017/07/18] Jinkou Kanjou (人工感情)