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November 2021 (Kashiwagi Yuki Nari no PARADISES-Natsu no Bakayarou-)

July 2021 (Daiji na Uta)

April 2021

January 2021 (PARADISES (REFRESH ver.))

May 2020 (PARADISES)

PARADISES was a Japanese idol group under WACK, formed in March 2020, when GANG PARADE was split into two separate units. It was originally formed from the four least senior members of GANG PARADE, but later added unaffiliated members.

In October 2021, PARADISES entered a trade period with GO TO THE BEDS, meaning that all the usual members (Terashima Yuka, Tsukino Usagi, Naruhaworld, Kila May and Ca Non) had been temporarily replaced with PARADISES members and vice-versa.

In 2022, PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS merged back into GANG PARADE and the two units are considered inactive.

March 2021 (G/P)


Final Traded line-up (Originally GO TO THE BEDS)

Final full-time line-up (Traded with GO TO THE BEDS)

Former Members

  • Haruna Bad Chiiiin (Left before the announcement of the group's formation)
  • Utauuta (Joined December 26th, 2020, left July 9th, 2021)
  • Kashiwagi Yuki (Special temporary member, joined for one single in 2021)


On March 28th, 2020, it was announced at the end of the WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2020 that GANG PARADE would be split into two groups, PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS. The starting lineup of PARADISES consisted of GANG PARADE members Terashima Yuka, Tsukino Usagi, Naruhaworld and WAgg trainee Kila May (replacing Haruna Bad Chiiiin who left WACK before the split was even announced).

Music videos for both groups and their debut livestreamed performances immediately followed, and PARADISES' debut digital single, GOOD NIGHT, was released the following day. The debut split EP of both groups, G/P, was distributed on April 1st.

On May 22nd, Kila May officially debuted as a member of PARADISES, and the group announced their debut album and instagram page.

PARADISES released their debut album, also called PARADISES, on July 22nd.

PARADISES held their first one-man live on September 6th. That same day, they released a new song, ENVIES, on digital platforms.

In early October, it was announced that PARADISES would be adding a new member from WAgg. On October 10th, a special audition, PARADISES no Subarashiki Mirai, will be held in order to choose the member who will be promoted.

The theme song for PARADISES no Subarashiki Mirai, PLEASE LISTEN TO MY, was released on November 1st. The song incorporates the members of WAgg who are participating in the audition. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY was later released on the CD, WAgg to PARADISES no Subarashiki Sekai to Mirai.

As part of the PARADISES no Subarashiki Mirai audition, PARADISES released a digital EP, Special Xmas Songs + XXX, on December 23rd. The EP featured guest vocals by WAgg members who had performed well in the first part of the audition.

The PARADISES no Subarashiki Mirai audition ended on December 26th, where it was announced that Utauuta had won the audition and would join PARADISES. In addition, current member Tsukino Usagi would temporarily trade groups, becoming a member of WAgg for six months.


Tsukino Usagi officially went on hiatus from PARADISES in January, in order to concentrate on her activities in WAgg.

Utauuta's first performance with PARADISES took place on January 30th. At the same time, PARADISES released the compilation album, PARADISES (REFRESH ver.) on digital platforms. Less than a week later, PARADISES announced an EP, PARADISES RETURN, to be released at the end of the month. The lead track from the album was released as a digital single the same day. This was followed by Kienai Mono a week later.

On March 28th, 2021, it was announced that WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2021 candidate Ca Non would join PARADISES. Her first performance as a member was supposed to take place on April 29th, but was cancelled due to Japan's State of Emergency. As a result, she debuted via a livestream. During the stream, they also announced that they would release their debut single on July 28th.

In early April, it was announced that AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki would be joining PARADISES sometime in the near future. Further details were released in Mid-May, where she would release a single with them at the same time as all other main WACK units, on August 31st. However, in early June all seven singles were postponed so that Yuki would receive emergency surgery.

On June 4th, an end to Tsukino Usagi's trade period with WAgg was finally announced; she would leave WAgg after their June 27th performance, and return to PARADISES on July 1st. On the day that her comeback performance will take place, PARADISES will release another digital album of re-recordings, this time titled PARADISES (FREE ver.).

A new track, Season Song, was released temporarily from June 12th to 18th. The track was split into separate parts, with fans encouraged to create remixes of the song. The completed version of the song was released as a digital single on the 19th, immediately after the remix period ended. With the release of the completed Season Song, PARADISES announced that, not only would Season Song be included on PARADISES (FREE ver.), but one song from the EP would be released daily leading up to July 1st.

Tsukino Usagi returned to PARADISES on July 1st, as planned, and the remaining tracks of PARADISES (FREE ver.) were published online the same day. Included on PARADISES (FREE ver.), was the tracks from their debut single, Daiji na Uta.

On July 9th, Utauuta suddenly withdrew from PARADISES, citing differences in direction. As such, she was removed from their PARADISES PRETTY GUARDIANS TOUR and the group continued as a 5-piece.

Daiji na Uta recieved a physical release on July 28th. That same day, a short film, "Daiji na Joueikei DOCUMENT OF PARADISES" was also broadcast on YouTube.

After over a month of uncertainty, on September 19th it was announced that PARADISES' upcoming single, as well as all other singles featuring Kashiwagi Yuki, were rescheduled to late November.

On September 19th, PARADISES will have a one-off radio special with GO TO THE BEDS, with the show having a competition format that would decide with group would have a regular radio slot with the station. PARADISES won the competition, and were announced to have a regular radio show starting in October.

During WACK presents DREAMLIGHTS in TIF on October 2nd, Watanabe Junnosuke appeared on stage and announced that PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS would enter a temporary trade period, with the members of both groups trading places effective immediately. This meant that all current members of PARADISES (Terashima, Tsukino, Naruhaworld, Kila and Ca Non) would temporarily leave and instead join GO TO THE BEDS, while the current GO TO THE BEDS members (Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Yui Ga Dockson, Coco Partin Coco) would replace them. With the groups exchanged, the two would release an album together, G⇔P, and go on tour together. Upon this announcement, the logos of both groups changed to reflect the change.

PARADISES's radio show, "PARADISES no Daiji na Radio", began broadcasting on NACK5 on October 10th, with the traded line-up hosting early episodes.

PARADISES' first release with the traded line-up was the digital single, GOOD NIGHT (G⇔P ver.), a track from the G⇔P mini-album. From November 20th to December 13th, PARADISES held their first solo tour with the new line-up.

On November 30th, PARADISES will release their collaborative single, Kashiwagi Yuki Nari no PARADISES-Natsu no Bakayarou-. Although the single was released during the all-member trade period, the members featured on the single consisted of the line-up prior to the trade taking place as opposed to the present members.

PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS' traded album, G⇔P, was released on December 15th.


On January 1st, GANG PARADE, PARADISES' parent group, announced that they would resume activities. PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS subsequently merged back into one singular group, with the members who had joined after the split also joining GANG PARADE. Although the future of PARADISES was left ambiguous, a number of indicators suggested that they and GO TO THE BEDS were no more:

  • The logos of PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS were removed from their record label's YouTube channel
  • The twitter handles of all members were changed to reference their membership to GANG PARADE instead of either split group
  • GANG PARADE had since begun performing songs by PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS as one singular group, implying that they were now considered GANG PARADE songs.

Unusually, the groups did not swap back to their original forms before merging back into GANG PARADE, meaning the traded line-up with GO TO THE BEDS also became the group's final form. However, the original line-up, is generally considered to be the default.


Music Videos

Other Media

Web Film

  • [2021.07.28] Daiji na Joueikei DOCUMENT OF PARADISES (大事な上映会 DOCUMENT OF PARADISES; The most important screening DOCUMENT OF PARADISES)


  • [2021.09.26] NACK5 Special GxP Battle (NACK5スペシャル G×Pバトル) (with GO TO THE BEDS)
  • [2021.10.10-Present] PARADISES no Daiji na Radio (PARADISESの大事なラジオ; PARADISES' Important Radio)

Live Events


  • Terashima Yuka and Naruhaworld share the same birthday.
  • The majority of PARADISES consists of promoted WAgg trainees.
  • With both Ca Non and Kashiwagi Yuki as members, PARADISES has had two new debuts in a row with idol histories longer than a decade prior to joining.