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Ohanano (おはなの) is a Japanese music duo formed in 2020. It's concept it "Warm music in a gentle place".

Former BiS member Hirano Nozomi is a member of the unit.




Ohanano was announced on June 19th, 2020, with the founding lineup of Hirano Nozomi, and Nanazu (formerly Kanamori Nanazu), a former soloist who specialized in children's music. They published their first original song, "Watashi-Iro Melody" on YouTube the same day.

On July 1st, a second song, "Amai Candy" was posted to YouTube, and Ohanano announced their intention to release a CD in the future. Ohanano's debut single, Watashi-Iro Melody, was released on August 3rd.

On September 29th, Ohanano released their first live DVD, Ohanano Ohirome Mini Live, which contained footage of their first-ever performance.

Ohanano performed their first oneman live on November 23rd. During this event, they also sold their debut EP, Ohanano Batake. A recording of the concert was later released on DVD as Ohanano no Oneman Live "Ohanano Batake".


Ohanano's second EP, saita saita, was released on June 6th, 2022.




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