Me wo Awaseru to Iukoto
Book by Momoko Gumi Company


Release Date

March 7th, 2018


Essay Book/Autobiography


Shinko Music

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Me wo Awaseru to Iukoto (目を合わせるということ; Eye Contact) is the first book written by Momoko Gumi Company. It is a series of autobiographical essays detailing Momoko's experiences in BiSH during their first three years of activity. The book was written over the span of a year and a half.

In addition to Momoko, her mother and Watanabe Junnosuke also provided comments.

Contents Edit

Chapter 1: Welcome to the BiSH Parade Edit

  • "How Could You Do This To Me?" (「よくこんなことやってられるよね」)
  • Audition Journal (オーディション雑誌)
  • Free Adults (自由な大人たち)
  • The coolness of the old BiSH (旧BiSHのカッコよさ)
  • You guys are fucking idols (君たちはクソアイドルです)
  • I tried to dance, it wasn't the least bit fun (踊ってみた、少しも楽しくなかった)
  • Yukako Love Deluxe's withdrawal (ユカコラブデラックス脱退)
  • Taking the stage without looking good (カッコ悪いままステージに立つ)
  • The meaning of a smile (笑顔の意味)

Chapter 2: Chaos BiSH Edit

  • Second Audition (2回目のオーディション)
  • Hug Me Resigns (ハグ・ミィ脱退)
  • Growing Pains (成長痛)
  • The core of BiSH's former captain (BiSHの柱の元キャプテン)
  • She's a crystal clear girl (透き通るような女の子)
  • What was missing from 5-member BiSH (5人のBiSHに足りなかったもの)
  • "I didn't like Momoko" (「モモコのこと嫌いだった」)
  • I like naked Lingling (素のリンリンが好き)
  • A genius for changing the air (空気を変える天才)
  • It's not cool that you're trying so hard (頑張ってるのはカッコ悪い)
  • Lyrics (歌詞)
  • The only words that come out are lies (嘘のない言葉しか伝わらない)

Chapter 3: Momoko Edit

  • Elementary school student (小学生)
  • "You've got a black aura coming from your back" (「背中から黒いオーラが出てるよ」)
  • Friends with smiles on their faces (笑ってできた友達)
  • Club activities (部活動)
  • Funny in a weird way (ヘンなところが面白い)

Chapter 4: The BiSH Show Edit

  • "Orchestra" is Gone!? (「オーケストラ」が消えた!?)
  • Girls who want to be idols (アイドルになりたい女の子たち)
  • It's hard to live in this world, but you don't have to try hard to enjoy it (世の中生きづらいけど、がんばらなくても楽しめるよ)
  • Teens-only Live (10代限定ライブ)
  • 0s to 1s (0の自分を1にする)
  • About "Nothing" (「Nothing.」について)
  • The real flip side (本当の裏側)
  • Makuhari Messe and Thesis (幕張メッセと卒論)
  • Aina's choreography (アイナの振り付け)
  • BiSH are idols!? (BiSHはアイドル!?)
  • Keep showing your back (背中を見せ続けるということ)
  • You can't do it because you can't (できないからやらないのはダサイ)

Chapter 5: Lifestyles Of the BiSH and Famos Edit

  • Colourful (カラフル)
  • How BiSH is made (BiSHらしさの作られ方)
  • JAM
  • Takahashi Kumiko-san (高橋久美子さん)
  • I felt like I knew what it meant to sing (歌うってどういうことか分かった気がした)
  • Expand your world by doing something you're not good at (苦手なことで世界を広げる)
  • The day before Music Station (Mステ前日)
  • Bonus Track (1): Watanabe Junnosuke
  • Bonus Track (2): Momoko Gumi Company's Mother

Trivia Edit

  • The cover art is designed by Sushio, famous animator and noted WACK fan.
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