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February 24th, 2018



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KiKA's bar

MULTiPLE MANiACS is a retail store located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It sells clothing from the NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS brand, and also houses KiKA's bar. It frequently hosts WACK fan events.

History Edit

MULTiPLE MANiACS was opened to the public on February 24th, 2018. Its launch event was attended by several WACK members. Its initial purpose was to sell clothing by Watanabe Junnosuke's clothing brand, NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS, which had been launched a week prior.

KiKA's bar Edit

On July 10th, 2019, former BiS member Kika Front Frontale announced that she would be opening her own bar in the near future. It was later revealed that, with the help of Watanabe, KiKA'S bar would become part of MULTiPLE MANiACS (which already had a bar area set up within the store). KiKA's bar opened inside of MULTiPLE MANiACS on October 8th, 2019. In late December, a pop-up store also opened in Nagoya.

During the 2020 WACK FUCKiN' PARTY Tour, KiKA's bar set up a number of popup locations during certain events such as ONAGAWACK and TOWACK RECORDS.

KiKA's bar was announced to permanantly close on June 24th, after having already been closed for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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