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MAPA is a Japanese idol group formed in September 2021. Ex-BiS member Koshouji Megumi is a founding member of the unit. Their name is an abbreviation of "MAD PARTY".


  • Koshouji Megumi (古正寺恵巳)
  • Ushiro Mayo (宇城茉世)
  • Shio Yurura (紫凰ゆすら)
  • Jinzai Emu (神西笑夢)


MAPA was initially announced by Koshouji Megumi on September 25th, 2021, with an announced debut date of October 2nd at Tokyo Idol Festival. While Koshouji initially did not specify any other details, singer-songwriter Oomori Seiko later clarified that she would produce the group, and it would be a sister group to her own unit, ZOC. At the time, Koshouji was the only confirmed member.

MAPA officially debuted at Tokyo Idol Festival, with the three remaining members unveiled as Ushiro Mayo, Shio Yurura and Jinzai Emu. During their first performance, they also announced their first one-man live, and first album, Shitenno. Shitenno was released on November 9th.



  • Each member has two different member colours, as opposed to most groups where each member is only assigned one.