Konaide World End
Single by PEDRO


Release Date

August 12th, 2020






EMI Records

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Seikatsu Kakumei



Konaide World End (来ないでワールドエンド; Don't Come, World End) is PEDRO's debut single, to be released on August 12th, 2020.

The single's release was announced just one day after the release of Shoudou Ningen Club.

PEDRO Dappo Sendeno Giri Edit

Included with copies of Shoudou Ningen Club that were ordered through PEDRO and BiSH's fanclub was a bonus CD containing the title track of Konaide World End.

On April 29th, a statement was posted to PEDRO's website, encouraging the sharing of the song online via the twitter hashtag, #PEDRO脱法宣伝大喜利 (PEDRO Dappo Sendeno Giri; PEDRO Illegal Advertising):

Dear fans. Thank you very much for your support!!
In commemoration of the release of the new EP "Shoudou Ningen Club", we have sent a CD including one song from the first Single "Konaide World End", which will be released on August 12th, to customers who have purchased the CD with PEDRO/BiSH fan club privileges.
All of us at Ayuni D and PEDRO feel that it is a really good song, and we want our fans to listen to it as soon as possible. We wanted to get as many people to know about PEDRO and learn of their music through this song.
Illegal downloading is easy, and at a time were CDs and other sound sources cannot be purchased, as an experiment on "what is the value of sound sources?" I have left it up to the fans to use the sound source for this song.
"The 2200 people who received the CD will send it out and many people will listen to it"
I would like to make such a plan.
If you recieved the CD, feel free to link it to gigafile or upload the sound to YouTube, so that people who didn't recieve the CD don't have to buy it second-hand.
Please spread the word on twitter with #PEDRODappoSendenoGiri!!
I hope that, with the help of our fans, this song reaches as many people as possible.
After this statement was posted, Watanabe Junnosuke uploaded the song to Pornhub, and shared the link in a tweet claiming it to be a video of a WACK member.

Whoever uploads the single and gets the most hits will win an itunes gift card worth one million yen (around $9000 USD).


  1. Konaide World End

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