27 September 1991 (Age 27)

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Handsome Member (ハンサム担当, 2013 - 2017), Handsome Bald Member (ハンサム坊主担当)

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Kamiya Saki (カミヤサキ) is an idol as part of WACK. She is the leader of GANG PARADE and a former member of BiS and SAiNT SEX.

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Biography Edit

Pre-BiS Career Edit

Before becoming an idol, Saki was very involved in the Tokyo street fashion scene, particularly in the then-emerging Dolly-kei style. She was a regular subject of street fashion blogs and was often in attendance at the parties held by her favourite boutique, Grimoire, where she became a member of staff.

In January 2010, she launched her own brand of handmade accessories, Reveur de LYRA.

Saki's idol career started in 2011 when she joined Mero Mero Clover, a Momoiro Clover Z tribute group. She took the role of Momota Kanako. The group disbanded when she joined BiS, and she was unable to attend their final show due to work conflicts.

First time in BiS, 2013-2014 Edit

On May 26th, at BiS48, it was announced that Kamiya Saki would be joining BiS alongside Tentenko and First Summer Uika. Their first single, DiE, was released a month later.

In early 2014, it was announced that BiS would disband. Kamiya's final single as part of BiS, FiNAL DANCE / nerve, was released May 28th.

On July 8th, BiS disbanded at Yokohama Arena. During their final show, Kamiya Saki announced that she would be forming a new unit, Pla2me, with solo idol Mizuta Mari, also known as Izukoneko at the time.

Pla2me and POP, 2014-2016 Edit

Pla2me's first single, Plastic 2 Mercy, was released September 30th 2014. In 2015, after Mizuta Mari's graduation, the group added new members, rebranded themselves as POP and released a self-titled album.

In August, POP, along with their sister group BiSH, were kicked out of Tokyo Idol Festival due to misbehavior from their fans. Shortly after, Kamiya Saki, who had been accused of encouraging this behaviour, announced that she had been suspended from the group indefinitely due to repeatedly committing prohibited acts. Despite this, she appeared in the music video for the group's next single, Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky and it was announced that Kamiya would be allowed to return to POP if she successfully ran a 100km marathon. On December 4th Kamiya completed the marathon with two hours to spare, and successfully re-joined the group.

GANG PARADE and second time in BiS, 2016-2018 Edit

In late 2016, POP changed its name again to GANG PARADE.

After another major lineup change, the group re-released Plastic 2 Mercy, followed up by FOUL, the music video of which gained attention for showing Kamiya Saki shaving her head (a style she would keep).

In March 2017, at WACK EXHiBiTiON, it was announced that Kamiya would temporarily return to BiS, who had reformed the previous year, in a trade with member Aya Eightprince. Initially lasting six months, the trade was later extended to nine.

Saki's first single since rejoining BiS was SOCiALiSM, released in May. It was followed up by I can't say NO!!!!!!! in October. That same month, she joined the shuffle unit SAiNT SEX.

On December 30th, Kamiya Saki ranked 10th in the WACK General Election.

Return to GANG PARADE, 2018- Edit

Kamiya Saki's final single with BiS was WHOLE LOTTA LOVE / DiPROMiSE, released in March 2018. To represent the upcoming lineup changes coming to BiS, Saki only appeared on DiPROMiSE. She and Aya traded back in a ceremony during the finale of BiS' concert tour on March 4th, returning to GANG PARADE.

Saki's first single after rejoining GANG PARADE was GANG 2, released in May. Around the same time, Saki began making appearances on BYS, but later quit after only a couple of months.

In October, she caught rubella and had to briefly go on hiatus from all activities, including a NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS fashion show that she was scheduled to model for.

In February 2019, Kamiya Saki appeared in BILLIE IDLE®︎'s music video for Soshite, Mata.. as a member of BULLY IDOL.

Personal Life Edit

In 2016, Kamiya Saki tweeted that she was genderfluid and attracted to both men and women. While originally unconfident about this fact, she has become more comfortable in her identity over time.

In Kanzenban BiS Cannonball 2014, she mentioned that she has a distrust in men in her private life, especially after an incident that occurred for about a year.

Despite living with her at the time of BiS Cannonball, Saki claims she is not close with her mother; they rarely saw each other due to her mother's long working hours. She has no father.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before joining BiS, her first experience as an idol was in a Momoiro Clover Z tribute group named Mero Mero Clover.
  • Is considered the "last original member" of WACK, being both the only member remaining from the Original-Era BiS, and the only founding member of Pla2me, one of the first groups to officially debut as part of WACK.

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