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KASVE is a semi-active Japanese band formed in 2021. Former BiS member Go Zeela is the band's vocalist, under the name "Ayana".


  • Ayana (Vocals)
  • Hashimoto Rui (Bass)
  • Kunoyohei (Drums)
  • Keiske Toumoto (Guitar, songwriting)


KASVE's formation was initially announced on January 1st, 2021. The line-up consisted of Ayana, Hashimoto Rui, Kunoyohei and Keiske Toumoto, all of whom were models and ambassadors for the fashion label, STINGRAY. As most members were also dealing with other commitments at the time such as careers and families, the band described themselves as "loosely-active", with an infrequent schedule. As assured, there were very minimal updates on the band's activities for the first year of their formation, though the members still continued to promote for STINGRAY.

KASVE's untitled 1st DEMO CD will be released on March 11th, 2022.