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Hirune Touhikou (ヒルネ逃避行) is a Japanese band formed by meme tokyo. and ex-BiS member MEW.


  • MEW (Vocals)
  • Asano Takashi (Guitar/Composition)
  • Morimoto Shin (Bass)
  • Ryosuke Suzuki (guitar)
  • Yuriko Seki (Drum kit)
  • Koji Marin (Drums/Support)


Hirune Touhikou's formation was announced during MEW's 20th birthday livestream on June 21st, 2020. Later that same day, a performance video for their first song, "Kamisama Mitaina Himatsubushi" was posted to meme tokyo.'s YouTube page.

Activity officially started in December of the same year, and an official Twitter was opened on December 5th to announce the joining of Ryosuke Suzuki and Yuriko Seki.

Hirune Touhikou released their first digital single, Float!! on December 18th. It was followed by Watashi Janai on December 25th.

Hirune Touhiko's third digital single, Loopholic, was released on January 15th, 2021.

On May 28th, Hirune Touhiko released their fourth digital single, Mayday! Mayday!


Digital Singles