Just a bunch of templates that might help make your merry way on building the WACKi!

Article Placeholders Edit

You can copy-paste the source code from these templates to create new pages. These templates also contain hints on how to write these pages.

Front Page Templates Edit

  • Welcome (Issue a friendly greeting, introduction, and page count)
  • Groups (A handy table of WACK groups)
  • News (A feed of news updates from and around WACK)
  • Affiliates (Affiliated and related websites)
  • Birthdays (Shows upcoming birthdays in the sidebar)
  • Birthday (Module) (Lists all known WACK birthdays. Required in order for "Birthdays" to work)
  • Music Videos (Lists recent music videos in the sidebar)

Infoboxes Edit

  • Group (For idol groups and bands)
  • Member (For members, staff, and important people)
  • Single (For singles and digital songs)
  • Album (For albums, mini-albums and EPs)
  • Movie (For films, concert DVDs and blu-rays)
  • Corporation (For companies and businesses)
  • Photobook (For photo books)

Other Templates Edit

  • Member Boxes (For those handy little member icons that appear on group pages)
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