In order to cover the WACK Auditions effectively, I've come up with a guide for covering the event! Please follow this guide to make this wiki admin's life easier! This can also be used for any future auditions.

This year's upcoming audition is WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2020.

If you're having difficulty, check the pages of prior auditions for examples of what to do:

Step 1: Updating the audition profiles Edit

You might have noticed I already prepared a handy little template for the audition page. As great as a WACK overrun by Haruna (RIP) clones might be, let's change the profiles.


At the start of the audition, Watanabe usually reveals the names and photos of all the finalists on his twitter. So if you can't find the pictures or names elsewhere, make sure to check his twitter first!

Once you have the profile photos saved, you can either upload them directly into the table (not recommended, it can be a bit awkward if you're not used to it) or upload them onto the image gallery (Explore - Images in the header bar).


Since there are no new audition profiles to upload right now, I'm going to use this pre-existing Coco as an example. Click on your newly uploaded image and copy the filename.


Go back onto the audition page and enter Source Edit mode. Find the code starting with:


Where "Harumaki.jpg" is, paste the filename you just copied. If you haven't already, you can also change the name and status in source edit too! When you're done, hit "Apply Changes".


The Haruna is now a Coco! (Or, whatever ill-fated girl from the audition you just replaced her with). If you didn't already edit her name and status in source mode, changing it in regular mode is as easy as just erasing what's already been written and typing the new info directly into the table!

In this example, Coco's already been eliminated, but naturally, you should leave her status TBA until she either gets eliminated, or the audition ends.


You might have noticed that, upon changing the finalist's name in source mode and wrapping it in brackets, her name became a red link. Clicking on this link will take you to what should be her official WACKi profile page, except, it doesn't exist yet. Don't worry for now, I'll explain how to fix that later.

If there are more audition finalists than there are tables, you can add an extra table by going back into source mode and copy-pasting the code that starts at "|-" and ends at "|TBA". Keep doing that until you've got all the audition finalists down. (On the other hand, if there are too many tables you can delete that same code).


Step 2: Making Pages For Audition Finalists Edit

When I first wrote this guide, only debuted finalists (or failures who did other activities of note) had their own pages, but now, every girl taking part in the audition gets her own WACKi page to herself, whether she debuts or not. This, I'm sorry to say, means you now have to make a new page for each finalist. But, it needn't be hard!

Where the placeholder's name is (UwU wu in this example), I've provided a link to a template to use for each audition girl. Click on that, grab the source code, and make a new page for the newbie. (Alternatively, you can access the placeholder member page template by clicking here)


If you have already changed the finalist's name and generated a red link earlier, click on that

If you didn't already do that, you can also generate a new page by clicking the "Add new page" icon in the top-corner, and naming it accordingly.

NOTE: If the audition finalist shares their name with a previous one, make sure to also write the year in () at the end of their name when creating the page (e.g. Terayama Yufu (2020)). It might also be a good idea to go back to that previous finalist's page and rename it in the same way (e.g. Ayuna C (2017)) if it's not already written that way or they don't have another stage name.


Once you're at your new, blank page, enter Source Edit mode again and paste all the template code that you copied from the placeholder. From there, you can either keep editing with the correct information from inside the Source Editor, or exit the Source Editor and edit the page in normal edit mode, whichever option you find easier.

The placeholder page has a lot of hints and examples to help you write the finalist's page correctly.


Once that's done, go back to the audition page and change the name and link to the actual audition member, if you didn't previously do that before.

Step 2: Covering the audition Edit

Now the audition finalists are ready, it's time to write about their antics!

This part is fairly straightforward. Where I've written "They all did a thing", write what happens at the audition for each day; in particular, try to include rankings, eliminations and any notable incidents that happen. As I said before, if you're unsure of what to write, look at the daily summaries on the previous audition pages.

You do not need to add audition updates to the front page until the final results are announced.


Step 3: Covering the results Edit

UPDATE!!!!!! Edit

Welp, looks like WACK Exhibition got cancelled. You can go about the results two ways, depending on how they're delivered.

If they decided to do a no-audience live for the WACK Exibition, do the below steps as normal, but maybe add a little bit in the intro about how it was streamed as a no-audience event instead (I already changed the intro talking about its cancellation).

If there's no WACK Exhibition at all, just add the announcements at the end of the regular audition page, and maybe just write about the alternative announcement delivery in the WACK Exhibition intro instead.

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see I've already set up a template for this year. Where it says "TBA", write the required information such as the announcements and whatever audition finalists/WAggs make it to the final day. If you find a nice photo from the event, add that too! If you're unsure, scroll up and check the previous WACK EXHiBiTiON chapters for an example of what it should look like when you're done. While the audition was taking place, adding updates on the front page was not neccessary. But now that the audition is over, it's time to place the final announcements onto the news section of the front page.


Updated News Template Edit

The news page has changed since the last audition to a more efficient and nicer to look at version. After you've updated the WACK EXHiBiTiON page, go to the news template linked below:


The template is all in source mode, but updating it is easier than it looks if you've already gotten this far! Simply change the headline, image and add all the news to come out of the exhibition.

Preferably, the announcements should be written in order of priority, the priority being:

  1. A new group is formed, or a current group announces its disbandment.
  2. Other major group shake-ups (e.g. a graduation announcement, member swap or something like BiS.LEAGUE)
  3. Audition winners joining the main groups (BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE, EMPiRE, CARRY LOOSE, MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN)
  4. Audition winners joining WAgg
  5. A current member changes their stage name
  6. Misc. announcements (upcoming releases and performances, added information, etc.)

When you're done it should look like this in edit mode:


And like this when it's published:


And you're done! If you'd like, you can update the group pages with the new developments, but the hard part is over!

I hope this guide helps you out, and thank you for helping me out!

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