Genjitsu Kara Sameta Yume
Album by her knuckle
Release Date

September 30th, 2020





Singles from Genjitsu Kara Sameta Yume

Lemon Hata no Kyouryuu

Genjitsu Kara Sameta Yume (現実から醒めた夢; A Dream Awakened From Reality) is the debut mini-album by her knuckle.

It was announced in June 2020, and a crowdfunding campaign taking place from June 22nd to July 20th soon followed. By the time the campaign ended, the campaign had reached 224% of its 2 million yen target goal.

The EP was released online on September 30th.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Lemon Hata no Kyouryuu
  2. Meury
  3. Kono Kusoga! (このクソが!; This Shit!)
  4. Disleep
  5. Lemon Hata no Kyouryuu (Instrumental)
  6. Meury (Instrumental)
  7. Kono Kusoga! (Instrumental)
  8. Disleep (Instrumental)

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