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FUCK and FUCK is a photography zine run by StoryWriter and the WACK Photo Club. It first began publishing in summer of 2018, with issues being sold on the StoryWriter website.  

Each issue is based around a specific theme or model. Photo Club members Watanabe Junnosuke and Sotobayashi Kenta are involved with the creation of all issues, and issues featuring content by the rest of the members are labeled as "Photo Club Versions".  

Issues[edit | edit source]


FUCK and FUCK BOYS and READ ver.1

Release date: 2018.08.15

Commemorative first issue themed around Watanabe Junnosuke. Contains a 2000 character interview with Watanabe, Hayashi Kenta, Nishizawa Yuro and WACK producer Hiraga Tetsuo.

FUCK and FUCK WACK Photo Club ver. Vol. 1 Release date: 2018.09.15

The first "official" issue and the first to utilize the WACK Photo Club. Themed around Ayuni D.

FUCK and FUCK WACK Photo Club ver. Vol. 2 Release date: 2018.10.15

Themed around denchuu (でんちゅう). Also contains poetry by Watanabe.

FUCK and FUCK 「GO TO HELL JW」 Release date: 2018.12.24

Themed around Watanabe Junnosuke.

FUCK and FUCK Eiga「Sekai De Ichiban Kanashii Audition」to Hanandatta no ka? ver.

(『FUCK and FUCK』映画「世界でいちばん悲しいオーディション」とはなんだったのか? Ver.; What Is The Movie, "The Saddest Audition In The World"?)

Release date: 2019.04.30

Themed around the WACK Audition Camp 2018 and the Sekai De Ichiban Kanashii Audition movie.

FUCK and FUCK WACK Photo Club ver. Vol 3 "The Meshi"

(「WACK写真同好会ver Vol.3」THE 飯」)

Release date: 2019.06.28

Peri Ubu's final issue.

Themed around rice.

AiNA wo FUCK and FUCK Release date: 2019.08.26

Themed around Aina The End

YU-Ki EMPiRE wo FUCK and FUCK Release date: 2019.11.22

Themed around YU-Ki EMPiRE

LiNG LiNG wo FUCK and FUCK Release date: 2020.01.19

Themed around Lingling

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