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Photo by @AYUNiD_PEDRO on Twitter

Dogenzaka43 (道玄坂43) was a one-off shuffle unit formed in June 2021. Unlike previous WACK shuffle units, which incorporated five-to-six selected idols, Dogenzaka43 consisted of every idol that was part of WACK at the time of formation.



Dogenzaka43's formation was unveiled on June 15th, via a billboard installed overnight on the tower of the Shibuya 109 building in Tokyo. This previous method of generating publicity had been previously used in the WACK Shazai stunt. The poster featured all present members of WACK (with the exception of Kashiwagi Yuki, who had not yet started activities) and announced their "debut final single", Tsuyo Niku Jaku Shoku Jidai, would be released the following day.

Further details were given about the unit later that day, with a website for the group launched. It was announced that, as of June 16th, Tsuyo Niku Jaku Shoku Jidai would be released for free in Tower Records and HMV stores. A music video for the song was released the same day.

As of October 2021, Dogenzaka43's website has been removed, indicating they have disbanded.