Chitti, Chicchi

Other Names

Aoi Chihiro (蒼井ちひろ)


May 8th, 1993 (Age 26)



Professional Status



Looks serious, vain, has up to two boyfriends member (見た目は真面目、中身は悪女 これでも彼氏は2人まで担当)

"My little sister can't be this cute" member (Former, 2015-2016)

Member Color

Light Blue

Fanbase Name

Chittiii Caps

Audition Camp(s)

WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2020 (Mentor)

Years Active


Associated Acts

Tsuyogari Sensation, ARC∀DIA, HOLY SHiTS, WACK Photo Club



Social Media



Promoting Youji to Tsuki no Hime / Kienaide


Promoting NATASHA


Promoting Brand-new idol SHiT


As a member of Tsuyogari Sensation

Cent Chihiro Chittiii (セントチヒロ・チッチ), real name Aoi Chihiro (蒼井ちひろ), is a Japanese idol under WACK. She is the captain of BiSH and a member of HOLY SHiTS.

Biography Edit

Early Career Edit

In 2014, Aoi Chihiro joined Tsuyogari Sensation as a founding member. She was part of the group for the latter half of the year, and graduated on Februrary 15th, 2015 without releasing any material.

Around the same time as her graduation, Chihiro auditioned for BiSH, eventually being announced as a founding member and captain of the group the following month. She changed her stage name to Cent Chihiro Chittiii and her first album, Brand-new idol SHiT, was released in May.

In April 2016, Chitti collaborated with GHOST ORACLE DRIVE to provide a song, "Human After All" for the anime GOD EATER. The song was used as the ending theme for the 6th episode. Shortly after, Chittiii was demoted from Captain to "Bag Lady" after failing a DiET or DiE challenge.

When Ayuni D joined in August, she took Chittiii's original "Little Sister" member role and Chittiis new role was changed to "Looks serious, vain, has up to two boyfriends", a reference to the song "SCHOOL GIRLS, BANG BANG, which she wrote the lyrics to.

Chittiii joined the "Idol Supergroup" NATASHA, in September 2016.

2017-2020 Edit

On December 31st 2017, it was announced that Cent Chihiro Chittiii had received the most votes in the WACK General Election and would be rewarded with a solo single alongside Aina The End.

In March 2018, she and Aina The End provided vocals for the song "Wasted Tears" on Marty Friedman's album, 「B: The Beginning」THE IMAGE ALBUM. In July, she was added to HOLY SHiTS.

Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Aina The End's election solo single, Youji to Tsuki no Hime / Kienaide, was released on September 19th, with Youji to Tsuki no Hime being Chittiii's solo song.

In March of 2020, Chittiii will participate in the WACK AUDiTiON CAMP 2020 as a mentor. In an interview, she said that while audition camps are always sad, she wants it to be a kinder one this year.

Personal Life Edit

Was obsessed with idols as a child, until her favourite members all left. She was bullied at school, causing her to become introverted and channeling her frustrations into softball. Her confidence improved after entering high school.

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Trivia Edit

  • Likes pokemon and horror movies.
  • Her stage name is a reference to the movie "Spirited Away", titled "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" in Japanese. "Sen to Chihiro" is pronounced the same way as "Cent Chihiro".
  • As BiSH captain, Chittiii will be the most senior member of WACK when Kamiya Saki graduates in May 2020.

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