Releases by CY8ER
Studio Albums: 3
Singles: 7
CD-R Singles: 4
Digital Singles: 4
Music Videos 12

The discography of CY8ER, formerly BPM15Q, consists of two indies albums, seven indies singles, four CD-Rs, three digital singles and twelve music videos.

The current lineup of CY8ER consists of Ichigo Rinahamu, Koinumaru Pochi, Suzukawa Mashilo, Yamiyume yAmmy and Fujishiro Anna.

All of their music has been released under Rinahamu's own label, ICIGOSTYLE.


# Title Release Date Album Type

As BPM15Q Edit

1 BPM15Q all songs November 23rd, 2016 Studio

As CY8ER Edit

2 Hello New Generation January 31st, 2018 Studio
3 Tokyo January 22nd, 2019 Studio

Singles Edit

Year # Title Album

As BPM15Q Edit

2016 1 online 1st BPM15Q all songs

As CY8ER Edit

2017 2 Remix Start Hello New Generation
3 Te to Te
4 Kakusheemu
2019 5 Dead Boy, Dead Girl N/A
6 Time Trip
7 Summer / Sayonara Flashback

CD-R Singles Edit

All released as BPM15Q.

Year # Title Album
2015 1 BPM15Q! BPM15Q all songs
2016 2 Hakuchuumu / HANNARI
3 Kataomoi Wazurai
4 Kokuhaku Warp

Digital Singles Edit

All released as CY8ER

Year # Title Album
2018 1 Bye Bye N/A
2020 4 Go-Syu-!

Music Videos Edit

Year Title

As BPM15Q Edit

2015 BPM15Q!
2016 Hakuchuumu

As CY8ER Edit

2017 Te to Te
Hello New Generation
2018 Doki Doki Parilalula
Kataomoi Wazurai
2019 Dead Boy, Dead Girl
Time Trip
Renai Reality-Shou
2020 Tokyo Rat City
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