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CARRY LOOSE (キャリールーズ) was a WACK unit active from 2019 to 2020. It was made up of ex-BiS members Pan Luna Leafy and YUiNA EMPiRE, WAgg trainee Uruu Ru and former Idol Renaissance member Yumeka Nowkana?

September 2019 (CARRY LOOSE)

September 2019

Former Members



On June 19, it was announced on twitter that former second-generation BiS members Pan Luna Leafy and YUiNA EMPiRE would form a new unit with WAgg trainee Uruu Ru. They were given the temporary name "Curry Rouxz" with a debut planned for Fall. Auditions for additional members were opened, with an age range of 16 to 32.

On September 4, Yumeka Nowkana? joined and with their starting line-up complete, the group announced that their official name was CARRY LOOSE, and they would release their debut album in October.

On September 18, they debuted their first song, Yasashii Sekai, and announced their debut live as a two-man with BiS on October 6.

The following weeks, more free digital singles were uploaded, leading to the release of their self-titled debut album, CARRY LOOSE, on October 22.

October 9 saw the announcement of their campaign 10000CARRY, where individual members of the group would travel to Tower Records stores across the country between the 10th and 14th to distribute free cheki to fans who show them a picture tweeted on Twitter with the hashtag 10000CARRY. Additionally, on the same date they announced that every day, for 6 days, they would unveil a new song from their debut album with the first being Pretender.

Carry Loose debuted their eponymous song, CARRY LOOSE, from their eponymous album on October 11 as a TV performance on Buzz Rhythm 02, which Gang Parade also provided the ending music for. The music video for this song was released on October 17, and it was also released as a free digital single.

Following the release of every song online, CARRY LOOSES' debut album was released on October 22nd.

The 2nd and 3 November saw the group's first marathon and race against third generation BiS broadcast on Japanese streaming service Nicovideo, the winner of which would be the main act of a 2-man live with the loser. Carry Loose were victorious against BiS and following this, a joint promo live for BiS' debut single DEAD or A LiME and the CARRY LOOSE album took place at Tower Records Shibuya.

Carry Loose's debut oneman live "Yuruku Hakonde Kudasai" was held on November 4 and also broadcast on Nicovideo. During the encore, Yumeka announced their debut single.

From December 12 to January 25, CARRY LOOSE held their only nationwide tour, Loose ni Basho Hazushite Mimashita Tour.


On February 11, CARRY LOOSE's debut single, Ningen, was released.

From April 30, CARRY LOOSE launched their own radio show, CARRY LOOSE no KiND EAR, on JFN Park.

CARRY LOOSE held an emergency NicoNico event on July 20, where they announced that, starting immediately, all members would live together while being filmed and broadcast via livestream 24 hours a day until they achieved a major label debut. The event, CARRY OF MAJOR, took place until mid-October.

On October 16, it was announced that CARRY LOOSE would disband on October 31, without achieving their goal of a major label deal. The decision to disband was made by Watanabe Junnosuke, who didn't feel that the four members worked well as CARRY LOOSE.

CARRY LOOSE officially disbanded on October 31 without a ceremony, and their twitter account was deleted the same day. A final digital single, COLORS, was released to commemorate the end of their activities. After disbanding, all members of CARRY LOOSE were to remain in WACK, though no set plans for their future activities were announced. However, Pan Luna Leafy ended her contract with WACK a month after CARRY LOOSE's disbandment, with Uruu Ru following a few weeks later.


Music Videos


  • [2020.04.30-2020.10.29] CARRY LOOSE no KiND EAR (CARRY LOOSEのKiND EAR; CARRY LOOSE'S KiND EAR)

Live Events

Date Event Location Comments


11/04 Yuruku Hakonde Kudasai"

(ゆるくはこんでください; Do Things Loosely)

GARRET udagawa, Tokyo First oneman live
11/24 BiSxCARRY LOOSE Co-Host WOMB, Tokyo Joint performance with BiS, succeeding the 2019 relay race between the two groups.
12/12-01/25 Loose ni Basho Hazushite Mimashita Tour

(ルーズに場所はずしてみましたツアー; Loose and Out of Place Tour)


01/03 WACK Nari no Koshien (WACKなりの甲子園) Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo With all other WACK groups.
02/08-03/18 WACK FUCKiN’PARTY


  • YUiNA EMPiRE and Uruu Ru shared the same birthday.
  • Upon the reveal of the group, YUiNA and Pan Luna Leafy were banned from tweeting more than once a week until they officially debuted. They tried to circumvent this by changing their twitter biographies with their current thoughts and feelings instead.
  • While auditions for the group were taking place, Pan Luna and YUiNA worked as mentors for WAgg.
  • Ironically in context, the final song CARRY LOOSE ever performed live was a cover of MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN's Restart.
  • CARRY LOOSE is the first in the WACK group that everyone can express themselves with emojis.


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