Years Active

2002-2007, 2020-Present




Avex Trax

Associated Acts

beat mints boyz

Former Members

Matsukuma Kenta
Inoue Masaharu
Kitajima Norihiro
Takashi Dotoroki

Buzz72+ is a Japanese band. SCRAMBLES founder and WACK producer Matsukuma Kenta is a member of the group.

Members Edit

  • Matsukuma Kenta (Guitar)
  • Inoue Masaharu (Vocals)
  • Kitajuma Norihiro (Bass)
  • Takashi Dotoroki (Drums)

History Edit

Buzz72+ was initially formed in Fukuoka in 2002, under the name GRANDSLAM. In 2004, they changed their name to Buzz72+.

In 2005, the band made its major debut with Avex Trax.

Buzz72+ went on indefinite hiatus on December 31st, 2007 following the withdrawal of Inoue Masaharu.

On January 14th, 2020, Matsukuma Kenta announced that Buzz72+ would be reforming to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their major debut. He said that he felt inspired to reform the band after watching the film "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Buzz72+'s comeback show will take place on April 19th, 2020, and will also feature BiSH, PEDRO and MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN as performers.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

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