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Brand-new idol Society
Album by BiS
Release Date

March 23, 2011


CD, Digital Download


J-Pop, Rock


Tsubasa Records

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Singles from Brand-new idol Society

Taiyou no Jumon


BiS Official MV


Nerve Official MV


Paprika Official MV

BiS promoting the album

Brand-new idol Society is the debut studio album by BiS. It was released on CD and digitally in March 2011. The album failed to chart on Oricon. It is the only studio album that Yokoyama Rina and Nakayama Yukiko features as members.

BiS' third generation would later release an album with the same name in August of 2019.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Give me your love Zenbu (Give me your love 全部; Give Me All Your Love)
  2. BiS
  3. Taiyou no Jumon
  4. nerve
  5. Paprika (パプリカ)
  6. let me sleep
  7. Thousand Bolt (サウザンボルト)
  8. Elegant no Kaibutsu
  9. Teenage Flavor (ティーンネイヂフレイバ)
  10. Spoon
  11. YELL!!
  12. one day
  13. Let it be (レリビ)

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Album Information[edit | edit source]

Give me your love Zenbu[edit | edit source]

BiS[edit | edit source]

Paprika[edit | edit source]

let me sleep[edit | edit source]

Thousand Bolt[edit | edit source]

Teenage Flavor[edit | edit source]

Spoon[edit | edit source]

  • Lyrics: Nakayama Yukiko
  • Composition: TKC

YELL!![edit | edit source]

Let it be[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song "one day" was also a song on Pour Lui's solo album, Minna no Pour Lui.
  • Nerve would later be released as a single.
  • Squatting as much as possible during "Paprika" later became a popular challenge within WACK, with it being done during concerts, as elimination redemption challenges during auditions, and as a personal challenge done by fans. One notable instance was when BiS did squats on stage as the song played repeatedly for 15 minutes straight, to protest Pour Lui's suspension from the group. When songs from BiS' first and second generations were retired in 2019, Thousand crickets replaced it as the song associated with squatting challenges.
  • The music video for "Paprika" is a homage to the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u, with their name even being referenced in the title of the video.

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