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Avex Trax

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Hiroshige Jojo
Mikawa Toshiji
Pour Lui
Hirano Nozomi
First Summer Uika
Kamiya Saki
Koshouji Megumi
Michibayashi Rio
Terashima Yufu
Wakisaka Yurika

BiS Kaidan (BiS階段) was a collaboration between BiS and harsh noise group Hijokaidan that was active from 2012 to BiS' 2014 disbandment.

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History Edit

BiS Kaidan was launched by Hojokaidain frontman Hiroshige Jojo after he expressed interest in working with Momoiro Clover Z to create "Momoclo Kaidan," only for fans to suggest BiS instead, as they better fit Hijokaidan's image.

Initially, BiS Kaidan started as a one-off unit, performing live noise covers of BiS songs in November 2012. However, Hiroshige wanted the project to expand outside of just live performances, and so they released their first self-titled album, which contained noise remixes of previous BiS songs and a cover of Togawa Jun's Suki Suki Daisuki.

The group held their final performance in May 2014, performing nerve fifteen times. After BiS had already disbanded, BiS Kaidan would still go on to release two more recordings; a CD and DVD of their last live and a second remix album, BiS Kaidan 2.

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Trivia Edit

  • Are the first harsh noise group to be signed to Avex.
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