BiSH Cannonball
Japanese Title


Release Date

September 14th, 2016




Cent Chihiro Chittiii
Hug Me
Aina The End
Momoko Gumi Company
Hashiyasume Atsuko
Watanabe Junnosuke

Video Chronology

Kanzenban BiS Cannonball 2014


Gekijoban BiS Tanjou no Uta

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 1

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 1

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 2

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 2

BiSH Cannonball (BiSHキャノンボール) was a challenge taking place on February 13th, 2016. For this challenge, members and staff of BiSH and HMJM (the company behind the Idol Cannonball movies, and who Hug Me wrote a web column for at the time) split into three teams. Their goal was to travel around Japan for 14 hours on limited money. Points were rewarded based on travel distance and how much money they were able to save. The winning team received a cash prize, while the losing team had to do a bungee jump.

While the challenge was filmed, it is the only film in the Idol Cannonball series not to be released theatrically, nor given its own standalone video release. Instead, the documentary was released in parts as a web series, before being compiled into a feature-length film included as a bonus on limited editions of KiLLER BiSH. As a result of this, it is not typically counted as an official Idol Cannonball title.

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 3

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 3

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 4

BiSHキャノンボール2016 Episode 4

Teams Edit

Ranking Edit

Distance Travelled Edit

  1. Momoko, Lingling, Koike
  2. Aina, Hug Me, Ogawa
  3. Chittiii, Atsuko, Watanabe

Money Leftover Edit

  1. Aina, Hug Me, Ogawa
  2. Chittiii, Atsuko, Watanabe
  3. Momoko, Lingling, Koike

Overall Ranking Edit

  1. Aina, Hug Me, Ogawa (Winner)
  2. Momoko, Lingling, Koike
  3. Chittiii, Atsuko, Watanabe
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