Backstage idol story
Backstage idol Story


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Space Shower TV
Nico Nico Douga

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Pour Lui
Hirano Nozomi
Terashima Yufu
Michibayashi Rio
Wakisaka Yurika

Backstage idol story (バックステージ・アイドル・ストーリー) is a Japanese anime starring BiS that aired on Space Shower TV and Nico Nico Douga from October 10th 2012 to November 28th 2012.

Each episode was approximately 15 minutes long, with each episode split into two segments; the first half is backstage talk where the members discuss personal topics such as annoying fans and menstruation. The second half is an ad-libbed talk with an invited guest.

The members of BiS all voice themselves in the series.

Backstage idol story was released on Blu-Ray on Feburary 20th 2013. It was also included in a special "Anime Edition" of BiS' single, STUPiG.

CGアニメ 『バックステージ・アイドル・ストーリー(B・i・S)』 CM

CGアニメ 『バックステージ・アイドル・ストーリー(B・i・S)』 CM

Commerical 1

Cast Edit

  • Pour Lui the Third (Special Skill: Leader)
  • Hirano Nozomi Type 3 (Hobby: Watching Youtube videos)
  • Terashima Yufu the Ninth (Hobby: Reading old books)
  • Michibayashi Rio the Fifth (Hobby: Idols)
  • Wakisaka Yurika the Eleventh (Hobby: Dancing)
    CGアニメ 『バックステージ・アイドル・ストーリー(B・i・S)』 CM ver

    CGアニメ 『バックステージ・アイドル・ストーリー(B・i・S)』 CM ver.2

    Commercial 2

Episodes Edit

Episode No. Episode Name Guest Ending Card Artist
#1 Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu Sugimura Takashi Suzuki Ai
#2 Southpaw Sugimura Takashi pikomaro
#3 Akai Sweet Pea ANI (Scha Dara Parr)
#4 Ai ga Tomaranai Hamada Britney Nanakusa
#5 Hanbun Fushigi Nagano Haigo Kara Yomogi
#6 Otome Pasta ni Kandou! Nagano Zabon
#7 Heavy Rotation Kobayashi Yuu Aki
#8 Peropero Chucchu Kobayashi Yuu Kobayashi Yuu

Trivia Edit

  • All of the episode titles are the names of famous idol songs.

Gallery Edit

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