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BULLY IDOL was a WACK shuffle unit formed for the promotion of BILLIE IDLE®︎'s Soshite, Mata..

They were a parody of BILLIE IDLE®︎ and considered to be their rivals.

Former Members


The group initially briefly appeared at the end of the music video for "Soshite, Mata..." Just a few days later, an alternative music video was released with BULLY IDOL performing and BILLIE IDLE®︎ having a short cameo at the end. This version of the song was titled Soshite, Mata... (Remix).

On April 9, advertisements for an untitled Bully Idol release scheduled for the following day started to appear in record stores. The following day, BULLY IDOL's version of Soshite, Mata... was released.

They held their debut live on May 31. After this live, Soshite, Mata..'s promotions ended and the group became inactive. As BILLIE IDLE®︎ disbanded on December 28, BULLY IDOL has also been presumed disbanded.



  • Was the only shuffle unit not to show up at WACK presents DREAMLIGHTS in TIF 2019.
  • Watanabe Junnosuke hinted that he formed BULLY IDOL as payback for Pour Lui's parody of BiSH's Promise the Star a few months prior. Coincidentally, BULLY IDOL includes two members of BiSH.
  • All members of BULLY IDOL are also part of another WACK shuffle unit. (However, Pan Luna Leafy was not part of any other units until after BULLY IDOL ended activities)
  • MAHO EMPiRE was the only member of BULLY IDOL who wasn't also a member of SAiNT SEX.