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Aglet is a Japanese music duo formed in 2021.

Former BiS member Wakisaka Yurika is a member of the group.


  • Yurika (In charge of dance and vocal)
  • Hayashi Mitsuki (林光希) (In charge of guitar)


In November 2020, Yurika posted a video to YouTube of herself and Hayashi Mitsuki performing a song she had written, "Kimi to Pyramid". Yurika sang and danced while Mitsuki played guitar.

On July 7th, 2021, Aglet's formation was officially announced, with Yurika as its dancer and vocalist and Mitsuiki as its guitarist. Twenty days later, they released their first single, Boku wa Shikishi, onto streaming platforms.

Aglet held their first live performance on August 28th. During this performance, they also sold the CD edition of Boku wa Shikishi.

On March 30th, Aglet will sell their second CD, Hinekure, at live events.